Another year, another well deserved family time! This year, Switzerland met Switzerland in Seattle. My little family crossed the Atlantic to gather with my brother and his family, Swiss expatriated product for more than 20 years 🙂 We were so happy to be reunited again, my girls to meet with their cousins and me and my hubby to enjoy some time off home. The city was good to us, and despite some really chilly temperatures, the sun has never been so generous in years!

I had my camera at hand quite often, but this time, I copied the most joyful moments in my brain, not on my plastic memory card. I did not forget to take a slight piece of this city for sharing and printing though, I had thought you would like it. Not so much, simply Public market, Space Needle, MOPOP and Gas Works Park, which has happened to be one of the best skyline Seattle view you may get!




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